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Release Schedule

09/04/2018 Heimat: Limited Edition Box Set
02/04/2018 A Place To Call Home
02/04/2018 Score: A Film Music Documentary
26/03/2018 Breathless
26/03/2018 Female Fight Club
19/03/2018 Requiem
12/03/2018 Striking Out Series One
05/03/2018 Cindy Lass Needle Point
26/02/2018 Girlfriends
19/02/2018 The Colour of Pomegranates
19/02/2018 Once Were Warriors

Hit Australian drama 'A Place To Call Home' Series 5 & Box Set Arrive on DVD

FILLED WITH scandalous secrets, family drama and romance, Australia's multi award-winning A Place To Call Home returns for series five and arrives on DVD, alongside A Place To Call Home Complete Series One to Five Box Set courtesy of Acorn Media International on 2 April 2018, following its run on BBC One.

Featuring Jack Irish favourite Marta Dusseldorp in the lead role and set against the sweeping backdrop of 1950s Australia, A Place To Call Home tells the story of nurse Sarah Adams, a woman with a mysterious past, who returns to Australia after 20 years abroad. An encounter on her voyage home ties her to the Blighs, a wealthy pastoralist family living in New South Wales who have some secrets of their own. The series stars a stellar cast including Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo, Craig Hall, Abby Earl and David Barry.

Four years after we first met the Bligh family, series five finds their estate, Ash Park, in danger. It's 1958 and the malicious Sir Richard Bennett's involvement in their financial affairs puts their ownership at risk. Could Regina be their only hope of salvation or can't they trust anyone to help save their home?

Make a place in your heart and a place in your DVD collection for A Place To Call Home.

'A captivating, deeply romantic drama of immense intelligence'

Wall Street Journal

Striking Out Series One starring Amy Huberman and Neil Morrissey arrives on DVD 12 March 2018

STARRING THE stand out talents of Amy Huberman and Neil Morrissey comes a gripping new legal drama Striking Out. Following its run on new channel 5 Select, Striking Out Series One and Two are set to arrive on DVD both separately and as Striking Out One and Two Box Set, thanks to Acorn Media International. Tara Rafferty (Amy Huberman - Cold Feet) is a high-flying solicitor at a prestigious Dublin law firm, but when she discovers her fiance and fellow solicitor Eric (Rory Keenan - War and Peace), has been cheating on her with a colleague, she decides to make some big life changes. Dumping her unfaithful partner, she quits her job and sets up on her own practice in a makeshift office, at the back of a cafe.

With the help of her friends and associates, including her streetwise ex-client turned assistant Ray (Emmet Byrne - Red Rock), private detective Meg Riley (Fiona O'Shaughnessy - Utopia), and friend and mentor Senior Counsel Vincent Pike (Neil Morrissey - Line of Duty), Tara becomes a force to be reckoned with. Soon she is taking on high profile cases, some of which pit Tara against her former colleagues and major legal establishment players. Can she ever truly escape her past and make it on her own?

Earning Amy Huberman the Best Actress accolade at the Irish Film and Television Awards 2017, Striking Out Series One is released on 12 March 2018 and Series Two and Striking Out Complete One and Two Box Set arrive on DVD on 23 April 2018.

Get on the case with Striking Out.

'One stand-out series worth tuning in for'

The Sun TV Mag

'Female Fight Club' makes UK DVD debut on 26 March 2018

Feisty female fighters step into the ring in the knockout thriller Female Fight Club which is set to do battle on UK DVD thanks to Exploitation Films.

Following the recent announcement that Dolph Lundgren is set to reprise his memorable turn as Ivan Drago (Rocky IV) in Creed 2, he warms up here first with all-round action star and expert martial artist Amy Johnston, stunt-artist to the stars including the one and only Scarlett Johansson.

When brutal tragedy strikes, former fighter Rebecca (Johnston) returns to the illegal underground fighting scene as 'Bex the Beast', alongside her sister Kate. While training the team Rebecca must to take on another battle, with the cruel dangerous promoter who is threatening her sister's life.

No stunt doubles are needed for leading lady Amy Johnston, a stunt artist in many major feature films including Deadpool, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Suicide Squad. Dolph Lundgren brings his combat chops, playing a father who is jailed after taking the blame for the murders committed by his daughter.

Sweat, blood and revenge are the order of the day in this action-packed fighting flick.

'Requiem' new BBC supernatural thriller arrives on DVD 19 March 2018

From the team behind The Missing comes Requiem a thrilling new psychological thriller with a difference. This taut psychological, supernatural thriller is set to air on the BBC and follows on DVD courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Matilda, hauntingly played by Lydia Wilson (Ripper Street) - is a young cellist whose life is suddenly turned upside down by her mother's inexplicable and devastating suicide. Still suffering from shock, a strange, disturbing discovery in her mother's house leads her to a Welsh village - a place haunted by its own past, where 23 years earlier a young girl disappeared without trace. The secrets Matilda uncovers threaten to unravel her identity.

Written by Kris Mrksa (Underbelly), this compelling, spellbinding series features a stellar cast including Joel Fry (Plebs), James Frecheville (Transparent), Claire Rushbrook (Home Fires), Tara Fitzgerald (In The Club), Richard Harrington (Poldark), Joanna Scanlan (No Offence) and Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey). Requiem arrives as a six-part series with a behind-the-scenes special feature on DVD on 19 March 2018.

'Spine-tingling...atmospheric...influences of Don't Look Now, and Rosemary's Baby'